Tell our readers a bit about yourself?

I enjoy gaining skills, so I like to teach myself things and so have a lot of practice as an apt learner. Lots of DIY and adventure odyssey, of the wild and domestic variety. I tend to get along with animals and plants, and I frequently create imaginative layers over reality.

Briefly describe your writing day

I may first take a look at what I’m going to write, and then begin clearing space to do that while I organize some thoughts or form a complete sentiment. Sometimes stuff moves onto the desk, and that’s the time I clear it away, or prepare my fuel for the moment and clear an obligation or two. Those things done with, I turn around to see my files open at the correct position, things set in the right places, the chair ready, and then I do that thing I got ready for. Activation energy, simplifying the action. My life has been running in this cycle for years, now. It doesn’t have to be perfect, and it can start off with questions – so long as I start writing down that whole process, I’m getting the skinny on the situation, and fleshing it out in another round is easier. It’s easier to make something better that exists, so I make something exist even when it’s sketchy, debatable, or of dubious import.

That’s just one domestic instance of making the writing happen. Sometimes it’s seizing the moment in the middle of everything else, because if I don’t then the entire time frame will have passed. Quick, write so that someone will catch me writing, because I just got myself to do this and they’re showing up now – that works, however briefly.

What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

Doing it at all. The writing is the quirk, and it continually interests me.

Do you have a secret talent your readers would be surprised by?

I can balance a variety of objects on my head, while moving.

In your view, who are the best science fiction writers?

Those whose names are spoken by their readers in tones of resounding wonder. They did it right, for someone.

What was the best money you ever spent as a writer?

Besides independent print copies to sell, i.e. books for sale – business cards. Name, project(s), contacts. It’s a pillar of community-building, creating a friendlier world with more opportunities for emergence. And of course writing machines, including pens, journals, computers, devices, typewriter, paper.

When can the readers expect your next book?

Next! Observe, if you wish to comb my data over, the timelines of my previous novel serializations. Compare that, if you wish, to words over time factored by numbered sections over time on my current (3rd) serialization, in comparison to previous sets of numbered sections over time, and observe, if you like, the production curve in relation to concurrent events, and assume my life includes another set of events not publicly observable, as well as the production or negotiation tasks incurred for completed products. Then you may project from the observed present rate of production factored by events as they seem likely. I post twice a week, and the next book is already happening once or twice a week on, so… it’s on!

Tell us about your latest release?

In science fiction fantasy, it’s my second novel of the trilogy Bones of Starlight, Abyss Surrounding. This has elements of a voyage through the unknown under warping conditions and unexpected strokes of fortune, under the pressure of crumbling societal edifice. I also just released a new poem on my author site, created in collaboration with a cabaret performance.

Last, what are you dying to tell me or talk about?

Science fiction fantasy is the work of freeing our minds. Maybe just a little bit, in certain ways, just for fun. The ability to send our thoughts into realms not in existence without demands of credulity allows us to play with possibility, and frees us slightly from the tyranny of unchanging realities. I think this is also something accomplished by innovative forms of poetry which experiment with understanding through grammar. It’s not even that we need to follow or agree with the alternate visions presented, but just that by allowing ourselves to entertain them, I believe we are slightly more able to explore anything with our own minds.

Links to sales:

Search or ask for Bones of Starlight: Fire Within & Bones of Starlight: Abyss Surrounding by Eva L. Elasigue at your favorite new books retailer or online merchant, and they can find you a copy.

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