Written by DollyT

Have you ever noticed the amount of junk that floats around on the internet, and how hard it is to dig through all the misinformation in order to find the actual facts? False advertising, diet fads, wrong statistics, on, and on, and on. You can build a whole understanding of reality based on what you find online…only to find that your perceptions have been wrong.

Do you remember?

For instance, do you remember the first time you found out a ‘fun fact’ online that turned out to be completely false? Someone you knew or your mom maybe laughed at you for believing it. Betrayed! Bubble burst! Scarred for life! But that’s the reality of the web. It’s the reality of living in a modern society.

Millennials are big on researching everything on the web, and kids from generation Z may be bigger still. It seems easy, right? After all, why not use the tech we have to learn about our world? We’re on social media all the time anyway.

Didn’t you know??

There may be more myths going around than factual statements. That’s why you have to find some good, reputable sites to do your research. Otherwise, you end up believing bulls hate the color red. (Didn’t you know they were colorblind?)

We may build our whole understanding of the way the world works based on things we find on popular internet sites. The main problem with that is that a lot of popular internet sites never bother to check their facts.

Just a few common myths:

We only have five senses. Have you ever heard of the sense of balance? There are external senses, such as seeing, tasting, and touching and then there is internal sense. Balance is an internal sense.

Water conducts electricity. Nope; it doesn’t. However, you will still get electrocuted if you are in water and electricity finds it, because virtually all water has tiny particles that do conduct the electricity.

Being in cold weather means you are going to be sick. Sorry, that’s not right either. Germs make you sick; not cold. If you wash your hands often and are careful, you might not get sick even though the weather involves snow!

No way your eye can see faster than 60 FPS. Actually, your eye can see way, way faster than that; some say up to 1000 FPS!

Columbus discovered the New World. Well, not quite. Leif Erickson was there way before him. Thankfully, this myth is becoming a little less prevalent.

If all that information seemed like a huge letdown and burst some of your bubbles, you’re not alone. So yes, tech has brought a lot of information that’s good. (You’re reading this on the web, right?) However, there’s a caution to all millennials and generation Z kids about where they get their facts.

The next time you’re on social media and you see people making unsupported claims, figure out where they’re getting their information. It may save you a couple bubbles bursting!

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