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Star wars has been a popular legendary space opera science fiction. The Walt Disney production masterpiece has featured on major screens over the years. With the first movie; Skywalker Saga being released in 1977. There have been consequent movies produced on star wars till to-date. The most recent movie being The Last Jedi released on 9th December 2017. Besides the movies, Star Wars has appeared in many other media forms. The media forms include; comics. Various comic publishers have produced various comic books based on the Star Wars since the release of the debut movie in 1977. The comics featuring Star Wars include Doctor Aphra, Obi-Wan and Anakin, SkywalkerStrikes, Shadows of the Empire and many more.Other media forms Star Wars has been translated into include games, music, radio programs, toys, theme park attractions, short films, television series and animated series among others.

The star wars culture war:

As earlier seen, Star Wars has grown to be a very popular fiction series over the years it has been on play. It has followers and enthusiasts around the world. The multi-film fiction saga has had a significant impact on the modern culture. The characters, script quotes and themes in Star Wars are mostly referenced with the assumption that most people if not everyone understands/is in the know concerning Star Wars. This is with characters such as Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and Chewbacca becoming widely known characters around the world. The Star Wars multi-film has been a cultural unifier as a result of being enjoyed by many diverse people around the world.

However, with time the Star Wars multi-film has drawn a number of critics as well as enthusiasts. There have been many different “wars” between the critics and the enthusiasts with none of them willing to be moved from their camp. Some of the arguments around the Star Wars multi-film include:

Kathleen Kennedy: critics argue that Kennedy (the producer and president of LucasFilm) is responsible for all the faults in the Star Wars multi-film since she ideally is the head and brains in the multi-film. However, on the other side enthusiasts bring out the fact that Kathleen had/does not been working alone. There could have been faults made in the multi-film and Kennedy could do nothing to adjust them. The enthusiasts further argue that the multi-film is a large project in generally and the blame cannot be placed on a single person; the producer/president.

The new hero in the Last Jedi; Rey: critics argue that the multi-film get to introduce an unrealistic characterRey; a girl power in the movies The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. The critics describe her as a hopelessly idealized and flawless character. The critics argue that the character Rey is unrealistic since she gains very significant powers within a short time; powers that took legendary characters three movies to acquire/develop. An example is when Rey turns out to be a very good pilot, better than the legendary Han Solo. Critics state that the script writers are after feminism and cultural dynamics in expense of the original Star Wars flow. Enthusiasts on the other hand argue that Rey is a super-powerful and highly skilled character as per the script and she did not need to develop the skills and abilities.

The character Finn in The Last Jedi: critics argue that Finn is an inconsistent character and one who is frequently miss-appropriated and irrelevant. In the beginning Finn is described as a child-soldier but his character portrays one who has not been in a barrack scuffle. The character Finn is also described as one who only knows brutality but the character displayed is one of a rather soft boy engaging in janitorial duties. Finn is also described as one of the most important heroes but is involved in petty gags which are meant for the droid butlers. Enthusiasts on the other hand argue that the gags are designed to relieve the tension.

With these and other arguments, Star Wars has created a universal culture war. However, it has not been a loss to the Star Wars multi-film or to the fans but to the Disney Company. Ideally, it is their fault that Star Wars had to have so many controversies. This has led to a comparison fete between Disney and the market-giant Marvel.

DC and Marvel:

Over the years these two giants (DC and Marvel) have produced several films that have featured all around the world. The two have signed several renowned super-hero characters under their labels. These include Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk and Ant-Man by Marvel Studios, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and The Flash by DC Entertainment.

With the movies having almost the same characters and all being science fiction, it is easy to confuse between DC Entertainment productions and Marvel productions. However, it has been clear over the years that Marvel is the market leader so the other companies have to try and find a niche they can fill to gain market share. Also, DC cannot copy Marvel or overtake it by any chance. This is due to reasons such as:

Marvel seeks to develop an interesting and catchy script while DC and other companies will focus on getting popular and recognized actors and neglect their script. This results in Marvel having really nice and interesting movies and growing the actors while DC and the other companies end up having a crappy storyline but with popular actors on screen.

The consistency of Marvel has landed it to a higher place compared to DC and the other companies. The Marvel movies have a flow and are somehow connected to each other. This leaves the viewer wondering/yearning for what’s next. However, it is not the case for DC and the other companies. Their movies are totally apart and have no flow whatsoever. At times one may even wonder whether the movies are made by the same production company or what.

Marvel’s steadiness in releasing their movies: Marvel takes time to inform and prepare its viewers on its next release. However, DC and the other companies just drop their movies with no adequate prior advertisement or preparation. They release the movies too soon and too random.
Marvel takes time to build a character hence the viewers are able to relate with the characters and get to know them. However, DC and the other companies rush over characters and it is hard for the viewer to know the accurate description of the character and their abilities. This brings in confusion.

However, critics around the world have brought out that what makes Marvel a market-leader is their strategy plans. They have gone on to explain Marvel movies are generally boring and stale; were it not for the excellent strategy Marvel would just be a dwarf just like the rest. Here are the reasons as to why Marvel movies are deemed boring and stale:
They are overrated: the marvel movies receive too much praise besides the fact that they are overly similar to the DC movies.
They have too much romance in them: ideally, superhero movies are expected to be action-filled and with minimal romance or other agendas. However, for Marvel movies there is less action and the storyline mostly includes irrelevant love stories.

Marvel movies are overly long and repetitive: it takes too much time for a Marvel movie storyline to build and the storyline keeps on going back hence making the movie too long and repetitive.